Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you explain the Annual Membership Fee options?

When you join, you can choose either a $60 or $45 Annual Membership.

The $60 membership includes a Sunbeam T-Shirt (you choice of size) OR a Tiger Shifter Knob.

The $45 membership does NOT include a Sunbeam T-Shirt or Tiger Shifter Knob.

Both Annual Memberships allow full access to the website: Buying, Selling and placing Wanted ads as much as you like.


Q: I am having trouble bidding/clicking on items and I can’t seem to see all of the content on the website.  What do I do?

A: First, are you using Internet Explorer?  If so, there is a security pop up box on the bottom of the screen that asks you if you want to see all of the content on each webpage.  You must click yes on each page to see all of the content.  This is an Internet Explorer security feature and not an issue with the website.  If you are not using Internet Explorer and are having trouble, please email us at: and we will assist you.


Q: I forgot my password, how do I login without it?  

A: does not have access to your private password, but you can easily reset your password under the Login link at the top right of any page. Once you are on the Login Page, “Reset Password” is located under the User Name and Password boxes.  Click on Reset Password. Fill in your User Name or Email Address and a new Temporary Password will be sent to you.  Remember to login and change the Temporary Password to something you choose under “My Dashboard” then go to “My Account Details”:  then Password.


Q: Please explain the auction/listing options on…

A: allows several ways to list your item:

Buy Now, Make Offer, and a Traditional/Normal Auction format with bidding.

The Buy Now option is for sellers that know what price they want and there needs to be no negotiation. It is a Fixed Price listing.

The Make Offer option is designed to allow buyers and sellers to start negotiating an agreed price for an item.  Make Offer is also used when a seller does not know what to ask for an item due to rarity.  Make Offer listings can sell anytime an agreed price is reached by both buyer and seller.  The timed aspect of the Make Offer listing is not important and is mainly to show that the listing is live and updated.

The Traditional/Normal Auction format allows an item to be sold to the highest bidder at the end of the timed auction.  Sellers can add a Buy Now or Reserve on a normal auction listing.


Q: Why are Make Offer listings timed?

A: Make Offer Listings are timed, but buyers and sellers can agree on a price for the item at any point and the listing can be deleted.  Make Offer is designed to start a negotiation for an item between a buyer and seller.  The timed aspect of these listings also show the buyer that the listing is “live” and reminds the seller to update the listing.  Make Offer listings are a one on one price negotiation between the buyer and seller, not a bidding format.


Q: Can I place WANTED: ads on

A: Yes, “WANTED:” ads are a great way for buyers to ask other members for specific parts. Instead of waiting for the items you need to be listed like most auctions, buyers have the option to ask for what they need right away.

When placing a Wanted: Ad….Just list an item the same way you do when you are selling an item.

Please use the following in the title of the listing: “WANTED:”

Here is an example title:  “WANTED: Sunbeam Tiger Steering Column”

This will allow sellers to use the website search box at the top of the homepage to search for “WANTED:” items easily.

You can also use the Make Offer format and add a pic of what you need…if you can find one.

If you need help with creating any listings…just contact us and we can walk you through it.


Q: If my item does not sell the first time it is listed, can it be relisted?

A: Yes, your item can be relisted as many times as you like by simply clicking the Relist Item button.


Q: Can you explain how the Sunbeam Tiger Parts T-Shirt Shop works?

A: The T-shirt shop allows you to choose your size, color, design, style, etc. Some of the shirts have designs on both the front and back, so look closely at the shirt you are interested in to get all the details. Several shirts have designs only on the front. (Typically the cheaper shirts are front only.) Sweaters are a little more expensive.  (Remember these shirts will shrink a little when washed.)
Members: The Sunbeam logo T-Shirt you received when you became a member is the same quality as the rest of the shirts for sale.
Non Members: These shirts are nice quality and you don’t have to be a member to buy a Sunbeam T-Shirt!


Q: Do I have to pay a fee to list items after I become a member?

A: No, once you become a member, all listings are free. You can upgrade any single item to the featured listing on the Sunbeam Tiger Parts homepage for $10.00. This is a great spot for cars or rare parts.

Q: Do I have to pay a fee to buy items after I become a member?

A: No, Buying and Selling is free with memberships. Buy and Sell as much as you like!

Q: Does take a percentage of sales?

A: No, once you are a member, there are no other fees. While money transactions are strictly between the buyer and seller (Sunbeam Tiger Parts does not handle transactions), we do suggest you use Paypal for added protection.

Q: What if I only have a few parts to sell and don’t want to become a member?

A: Please contact us: with your list of parts and/or pics of what you want to sell. We may buy them from you outright to put on the website.

Q: What if I have a large collection of parts to sell and I don’t want to list them individually on the website

A: Contact us: and let us know what you have available. We continually buy collections of Sunbeam parts for the website.

Q: I have a Sunbeam Tiger / Alpine for sale, but I don’t want to join the website to sell only one car. What should I do?

A: Please send info and pics of the car to: We will do our best to help find it a good home quickly. Cars in all conditions are welcome here.

Q: I am having trouble uploading pics to the website. The images appear stretched in the listing.

A: Take the photos of your item horizontally only. Vertical pics will work, but they can appear distorted.

Q: I am having trouble editing/adding more pics to my listing after it is live. I am using Safari.

A: There is a software issue with the newest Safari browser. We will update the website as soon as there is a software fix available. Use Chrome browser if needed, otherwise delete the listing you are trying to edit and relist your item with all the desired pics.