How It Works was developed by Sunbeam Enthusiasts/Owners for Sunbeam Enthusiasts.

We want to help put more cars back on the road and preserve/improve the ones that are already there.

Our goal is to provide a specific venue for Buying and Selling NOS, Reproduction, and Used Sunbeam specific Parts without having to wade through the typical sea of incorrect universal parts.



Register at


Create your very own unique User Name:                                       (example: Tiger260)


You will receive an email confirmation with a Temporary Password. Next, you will be asked to login and pay the Annual Membership fee of either $60.00 (which includes a Sunbeam T-Shirt (your choice S,M,L,XL, 2X)  OR a Sunbeam Tiger Shifter Knob.) or $45.00 for the membership only.



Unlike other auction websites, we only require an Annual Membership of $60 (equals $5 per month) or $45 ($3.75 per month) to Buy, Sell, and place Wanted ads as much as you like. If you have a special item you want to promote during the year, $10 extra (per item) places your listing at the top of the homepage as a Featured Listing. This is a great spot for extremely rare items or cars.



Once your account is active, use “My Dashboard” at the top of the page to get started. Be sure to fill out “My Account Details” and personalize your Password.  Under “My Payment Options”, we suggest using Paypal to complete transactions as Paypal offers buyer protection and are a quick payment solution which benefits buyers and sellers alike. Buyers and Sellers decide on safe payment options and shipping details. is not involved in any aspect of the actual transaction.


Start Buying and Selling

For Sellers, there are several options for listing items: Buy Now, Make Offer, and Normal Auction.

Buyers can list “WANTED:” ads if they are looking for a specific part.

There are more details for Buyers and Sellers regarding the listing formats under FAQ.

You can always contact us with questions, if needed.

If you have a lot of Sunbeam parts for sale and are not great with computers… contact us with your name and phone number at and we will assist you in person.

Happy Hunting!

John Bailey